Future Posts – A Preview

Here are a few ideas I’ve got planned for the blog, for when I finally get around to writing the damn things.

  • sound design with pedals (a tribute to GT Central)
  • pickups and micing for live music
  • the best gear is the gear you know (fed and starving)
  • electric or acoustic pros and cons
  • limitation and creativity Thesis Part 1
  • the meta-instrument Thesis Part 2
  • Sequenced Loops Thesis Part 3
  • the best FX for strings players
  • choosing an amp, or not at all
  • reasons to use a looper
  • advanced looping techniques
  • impulse responses
  • reverb trick for pickups
  • using open source for art
  • automating my loop station
  • getting started with music tech
  • my current setup and software
  • playing with 5 strings
  • using headphones when recording
  • troubleshoot noise without going insane
  • why is electric violin still a novelty?
  • feeling unqualified to learn new skills (the catch-22)
  • delay techniques

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